Madge is Cat Leavy, a one-woman DIY-pop project currently based in LA. Delving into Celtic mythology, the legacy of her Mormon upbringing in Utah, dark spirituality and a contemporary take on pop sounds, Madge is the power-punching, self-produced artist banishing the music industry’s bros and blood suckers. Her tracks show a pop vision that is singular, audacious and incontrovertibly her own.

Springing from her foundational work with synthpop duo New Shack, Madge debuted earlier this year with left-of-center beats and gory vocals. Pigeons and Planes described the project as “one of the most interesting debuts of 2018” and the first single “Fight or Flight Club” received industry nods from the likes of Pitchfork and Noisey.

Leavy produces, mixes, and masters most of her own material making her a unicorn (albeit a bloody one) among current pop acts. And while born in a studio, the project’s live show is an extension of this out-of-the-box creativity featuring costumes, fake blood, and dancing.


Electronic + Experimental + Indie + Lo-fi + Pop + Punk


Los Angeles, CA