​LUX is a progressive three-member rock band with alternative roots and a unique sound. With each song, the band members rotate instruments, two of them swap lead vocals, and often the songs feature different time signatures and styles within the music. The result is an emotional ride that feeds both your intellect and your heart.

LUX includes the electric Alisha Peru who boasts powerful vocals while playing the keys or bass. She’s been playing a range of instruments since she was four and brings intense energy to LUX’s shows with her emotion and inability to stand still.

Sam Harmon, sometimes known as “RedBeard,” switches between drums, keys, and guitar. Sam has a loose but tactically accurate approach to the drums – his first instrument – and creates sweeping soundscapes on the keys. He looks serious – but he’s not.

The usually besuited ​Jonah Cullen features as a vocalist, guitarist, and drummer. He loves complexity and loathes major keys and 4:4 time signatures. And if you thought that guitar solos died in the 90s, he resurrects them with emotional riffs and variety.

​“If Muse, Evanescence, and Tool had a child, you would get LUX.”

​With a full-house (plus overflow) at their Boise debut, LUX brings a new, energetic sound to the Treasure Valley music scene.


Alternative + Heavy + Rock