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Lorelle Meets the Obsolete

Lorelle Meets the Obsolete

Guadalajara, MX


With a sound that drew inspiration from almost every strain of psychedelic music of the ’60s—from jangling folk-rock to scuffed-up biker rock—and taking into account the great noise rock bands of the ’90s like Spacemen 3, the Mexican duo Lorelle Meets the Obsolete crafted murky, swirling sounds on albums like 2013’s Corruptible Faces that reflected the claustrophobic life they were leading in the big cities of Guadalajara and Mexico City. After they moved to the more relaxed environs of Baja, their sound became more expansive and on 2019’s De Facto, even avant-garde as they began to add more synthesizers and noise to the arrangements.

The band formed when Alberto González & Lorena Quintanilla’s psych-rock band Soho Riots dissolved in the early 2010s. Continuing as a duo with Quintanilla handling the guitar and vocals and González doing everything else plus some guitar too, the Guadalajara, Mexico-based musicians released their first album, On Welfare, in May of 2011 for Captcha Records.