Lenny Kiser

Lenny Kiser



Adelmann North

622 W Idaho St, Boise, ID 83702

Date & Time

Sunday, March 24th

1:00 am to 2:00 am




Lenny Kiser is a house producer and DJ known for his signature sound: a winning combination of crisp 808 beats, sub-shaking basslines, and tongue-in-cheek vocals that show the playful side of a genre that often takes itself overly seriously. Over the past few years, he’s churned out banger after banger, and his tracks have been played by some of the biggest names in the music scene, such as Christian Martin, Justin Martin, Diplo, Malaa, Tchami, Kyle Watson, Will Clarke, Ardalan, and Riva Starr.

Lenny’s rise as an artist began with his debut track “Dial Up,” which put him on the map in 2016 and garnered over 120,000 plays on SoundCloud. That caught the attention of Christian Martin, who immediately signed three EPs to his label Trippy Ass Technologies. Lenny’s first release on that imprint was “Where’s the Bassline.” It charted on Beatport and was listed by Mixmag as their #1 breaks release. Soon afterward, he was asked by Justin Martin to remix his track “Rabbit Hole,” which was released on Dirtybird in 2017. Other main stage DJs started to take notice of Lenny’s unique sound, and later in 2017 he remixed the track “Bylina” by Malaa, which came out on Confession. Lenny has also released tracks on Perfect Driver, Laser Native, and Country Club Disco.

Part of Lenny’s success as a producer stems from his background as a professional audio engineer and certified Ableton trainer. He is widely recognized by fellow producers for his intricate sound design techniques and Jedi-level mixing and mastering skills. Lenny’s passion for sharing his expertise with the music community led him to found a music production school in San Francisco, where he teaches the next generation of aspiring producers.

Lenny is regularly on the road playing at clubs and festivals, where he never fails to melt faces and move crowds. His live DJ sets are exciting and constantly evolving, and he packs them full of his unreleased music, edits, and reworks.


DJ + Electronic


San Francisco, CA