LED is an arts organization, a dance company, a band, a film studio, and whatever else the artists that make up LED want it to be at the moment. The band is lead by LED co-founder and songwriter Andrew Stensaas, and is made up of Angel Abaya, Matthew Fabbi, John Fricke, Michael Mitchell, & Chris Norred. LED released their first full-length album, This Side of Paradise, in January 2016. Only one year later, in 2017, they followed up with a second full-length album, This Way to the Egress, and a 5 track EP titled Intergalactic Mixtape. Beyond their released music, the musicians of LED create the soundtrack for every theatrical production and film that LED produces.

LED, the organization, was founded in 2015 by husband-and-wife duo Andrew Stensaas and Lauren Edson. LED combines contemporary dance, original music, and film into breathtaking cinematic experiences, and has performed to sold out audiences throughout the Pacific Northwest and the nation.


Alternative + Indie + Rock


Boise, ID