Kinzie Steele

Kinzie Steele


Seth & Andy started composing original works for the piano & drums in the summer of 2016. Living 90 minutes from each other in northeast Oregon, they were introduced through a local singer-songwriter, having both played as session musicians on one of his records without, oddly enough, meeting in the process. They bonded over their passion for expressive, visceral post-jazz and a desire to collaborate on a new genre of music within their community. Their performances are alternately contemplative and chaotic, involving a medley of contemporary, impressionist compositions & instrumental arrangements of rock and romantic music. When I Was A Tree, the debut LP from Kinzie Steele, was released in December, 2018. It was engineered and mixed by Bart Budwig (John Craigie, Shook Twins) and produced by Ben Kirby (Sun Blood Stories) at a remote farmhouse with 27 goats and a llama in Lostine, OR.


Acoustic + Classical + Experimental + Jazz + Post-Rock


Joseph, OR