Kimberly Azzarito

Kimberly Azzarito



JUMP (Pioneer Room)

1000 W Myrtle St

Date & Time

Sunday, March 24th

12:40 pm to 1:40 pm


YogafortStoryfortAll Ages


Kimberly Azzarito, ERYT500, teaches yoga in an approachable way to every BODY. She empowers her students by weaving yogic traditions, stories, and myths with dynamic movement and alignment on the mat and opens the narrative between body, breath, and mind through authentic expression.

Kimberly believes in the deep power of storytelling. It’s the reason myths are passed down in all traditions and cultures. The telling of a story can bring us into alignment with inspiration, spark creativity, give insight into life’s challenges, touch the heart, and commission the soul.
She teaches the wisdom of Joseph Campbell, “the privilege of a lifetime is to be who you are.”
She teaches at studios in the Boise area and is a lead teacher for Shanti Yoga Teacher Training.

“Everything is connected; when we open to the practice of yoga on the mat, not only do our physical bodies become stronger and suppler but our minds become flexible, our hearts grow in empathic compassion, our creativity inspired and the remembrance that we are beings of light.” Kimberly Azzarito

The Heart of The Hero - Answering The Call of Courage, Action, & Transformation

According to mythologist, Joseph Campbell, author of “The Hero With A Thousand Faces”, The Hero’s Journey is a quest for self-realization and comprised of three main stages; (1) The Call to Adventure/Departure, (2) The Initiation/Fulfillment, and (3) The Return.
Using The Hero’s Journey as a guide, Kimberly will weave the beloved myths, mudras, and mantras into this creative yoga practice, opening space for transformation through a powerful flow of core strengthening, energetic back bends, opportunities to take flight, and move into deep release; all as an invitation to come hOMe to yourself.


Boise, ID