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Jonathan Warren & The Billygoats



Cletus, the fifth full-length album from Boise, Idaho-based Jonathan Warren & The Billy Goats, is about finding the beauty that hides beneath the pain, finding hope within the struggle, and light in the darkness. Written and recorded during an on-again/off-again relationship, frontman Jonathan Warren was in, Cletus serves as a record that encapsulates themes of love, loss, redemption, and hope; topics that will remain as relevant tomorrow as they were yesterday.

Another shadow looming over the record was the loss of Billy Kaiser, the band’s original bass player, and the namesake of the band. Billy committed suicide in December of 2017. The loss was devastating to the Billygoats, as well the Boise music community, and had a profound affect on the album.

“It was a shock,” admits Jonathan Warren. “Needless to say, it slowed down the recording process. There were moments I wasn’t sure I wanted to continue with the band or the album. But, in the end, I decided the best way to keep Billy’s memory alive was with the music. Billy is the reason we are the Billygoats.”

Comprised of Jonathan Warren (guitar, upright bass, vocals), David Henry (cello, guitar, vocals), and newcomer Stephen Morningstar (banjo, guitar, vocals), Cletus delivers on the sound the Billygoats have dubbed “progressive psychobilly folk-grass.”

With four prior releases under their belts – 2010’s You Just Relax Honey, 2011’s A Little Something Stronger Than Wine, 2013’s On This Very Evening, and late 2015’s Bless My Soul – Cletus finds the band moving forward, blending traditional folk, Appalachian bluegrass, subtle psychedelic twists, and even pop influences to create the sound you’ll hear through all ten tracks.


Acoustic + Americana + Bluegrass + Country + Folk


Boise, ID