Idaho Virtual Reality Council

Idaho Virtual Reality Council


The IVRC is Idaho’s first networking and education council for Idaho’s leaders and innovators interested in virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality.

The goal of the IVRC is to bring together people, technologies, and companies to create a thriving VR/AR industry for the economic and social benefit of Idaho citizens and families. Networking events and educational seminars will help Idaho organizations to learn faster, cooperate on projects, and promote VR in Idaho.

The IVRC are doing two events at Hackfort: AMA with the Lead Engineers of Black Box VR, and State of VR in Idaho and Beyond: Moderator – Karen Doty – BSU GIMM Program
Kathleen Cohen – The Collaboratorium
Michael Festa – Servios
Amy Gile – Silverdraft
Preston Lewis – Black Box VR, and

Preston Lewis is the Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer at Black Box VR. Preston is a fitness fanatic (past State Champion & Division I Track & Field Athlete), UXUI junkie, product design ninja and product visionary. Preston has provided creative direction and product management to some of the largest brands in the world including Hewlett Packard,, Fiverr, Hurley International and SAP, to name a few. Along the way, his passion for amazing products and solving difficult design problems has earned him numerous awards for projects ranging from traditional print campaigns and packaging design, to chart-topping mobile applications with complex information architectures and millions of users.

After growing many multi-million dollar brands, Preston decided to leap back into the world of entrepreneurship with a mission to combine his passions for technology, games, fitness (Preston was a state champion track and field athlete), and changing lives to create the future of fitness; with this vision, together with co-founder Ryan DeLuca, Black Box VR was born. When he’s not creating new digital products and growing brands, he can be found traveling with his wife, enjoying her delicious paleo creations (she’s a paleo author and blogger at, playing the guitar, singing, working out in VR and dreaming up the next tech innovation.

Rich Reavis:
An Idaho native, Rich proudly describes himself as a “nerd-lete,“ enjoying all things sports and tech from an early age. Rich has served in various leading technical and business development roles across multiple industries since graduating with a Bachelor’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Boise State University. Rich has created several custom modeling programs which have been implemented in many large-capital, industry-first-type projects across North America. Rich is a licensed professional engineer in the State of Idaho and is responsible for product development, manufacturing operations, and procurement for mechanical and electrical hardware systems at Black Box VR. Rich enjoys exploring the Idaho outdoors and traveling with his family.

Duane Mathes:
With over 10 years as a creative director in the gaming, mobile app and print industries and 5 years at Intel as a software engineer and UX lead, Duane has a unique talent of translating abstract creative concepts into actionable, real-world results. His core competency is in bridging the gap between strategic, artistic and technical teams. He takes personal and career development very seriously and is always learning. Duane has lived an adventurous life across 27 countries, speaks 3 languages (English, Mandarin and Indonesian), is the recipient of a Gold Award at Chinese International Industrial Fair (CIIF) for Excellence in Robotics, and has an enthusiasm and zest for life that he brings to all the teams that he works with.

Colby Morgan – Black Box VR Software Engineer
Colby grew up in Idaho riding motorcycles and camping. At Boise State University, he was the Lead Interactive Developer of the GIMM Works department, doing full stack development for VR, AR, beacon, mobile and web applications. He also served in the US Army as a Communication Security Repair Technician. Colby is passionate about accessibility and is a board member of United Airlines Accessible Travel Advisory Board.