Heaven Electric

Heaven Electric

Los Angeles, CA


If everything magic in music is reactionary, then amidst the paucity of carefully calculated, electronically fitted safety psalms that flood our airwaves today, Heaven Electric is the reaction. A two headed daemon composed of Echo Park’s queen siren Lauren Ruth Ward and the Cayman guitar god Andrew Berkeley Martin. Having solidified themselves as forces in the LA music scene, there is already a palpable buzz around the collaboration.

Judging from the sneak previews of Heaven Electric singles to come this summer, Ward and Martin (former band Moon Honey) have tapped into that ethereal language between electric guitar and vocal that seems gifted from the firmament yet reserved only for a short list of worthy vessels. A blend of lavish pop melody and virtuosic swagger fashioned from the duo’s life long commitment to rock n’ roll.

If you’re ready for the roaring twenties to begin again, then welcome Heaven Electric… here comes the god damn roar, y’all.