Good Boy

Good Boy



Hilton Garden Inn

348 S. 13th. Street

Date & Time

Saturday, March 23rd

3:00 pm to 4:45 pm




A K9 officer trainee and his partner train for their first day on patrol. Play, repetition
and positive re-enforcement reveal the casual nature of manufacturing violence
on command.

Directed by Fantavious Fritz

Good Boy is the second instalment in a cycle of shorts exploring the relationships between human and animal minds. To me these are often relationships that transcend spoken language. Dogs are often submissive to human leadership and eager to please, the intimate relationship between dog and K9 officer is an extreme example of this which I became attached to. Over the course of three months I shadowed and interviewed K9 officers through their training process and in the field. All the events and actions featured in the film were either directly observed or described by the officers interviewed. I was fascinated by the training process, simple games, repetition and positive re-enforcement transformed the mind of the dog. The relationship between the familiar archetype of “a guy and his dog” became a way in to larger themes about authority’s use of violence and the hauntingly casual nature of the process of weaponizing a mind. Making the film left me with questions about our societal understanding of force used for protection, how violence is manufactured and the ways we’re taught to trust law enforcement’s use of violence in the name of justice.


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