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Good Boi Dream Boat

Good Boi Dream Boat

Denver, CO


Like all Beauty in Nature, Good Boi Dream Boat came into form without any preconceived expectations or goal in mind. Rather, it blossomed to fill a void that was ready to be whole. A routine hang between Jake Miller (The Still Tide / Esme Patterson) and Austen C Grafa (Grayson County Burn Ban / Bud Bronson & The Good Timers) turned serendipitous when they found themselves on an unexpected musical journey that can only be described as “ambient yoga-core.”

Both Miller and Grafa are avid yoga enthusiasts, but with so many other hobbies and passions yoga has remained a foundational “behind the scenes” element of their identities. Therein lies the uniqueness and authenticity of this newest project — Good Boi Dream Boat is yoga music for the everyday human in this world. With its folk roots, indie rhythm, and pop sensibilities GBDB is meditation music for on and off the mat, a reminder that the “Dream Boat” mindset should not be confined to your yoga practice but can instead intertwine and flourish throughout your whole day and whole self.

“A refreshing sonic guide for leading a yoga practice”
– Whitney Shea PTA, PMA® -CPT, RYT