Glue Trip

Glue Trip

Paraíba, BR


Glue Trip is a psychedelic pop band that mixes Brazilian music with electronic elements. It’s currently formed by Lucas Moura (voice and guitar), CH Malves (Drums), Felipe Lins (Guitar) and Gabriel Araújo (Bass).

Glue Trip was born in João Pessoa, Paraíba, and it’s a live band since 2013. With 02 released albums: Glue Trip (2015) and Sea At Night (2018), the band collects great numbers on Spotify and Youtube: up to 97.000 monthly listeners on their streaming platform and more than 58.200 followers on their video platform. The video clip of the song “Elbow Pain” has more than SIX (06) million views with comments from all over the world. The popularity in the digital universe attracted the eyes of international labels like the French NOVOMUNDO and the Japanese Production Dessinée, which released Glue Trip’s albums in their respective continents.

For their live performances, Glue Trip also got great participation in Festivals like Prata da Casa from SESC SP, Fora da Casinha, Picnik 2017 and 2019, Coquetel Molotov, MADA, Do Sol, Bananada, Morrostock, Fluvial (Chile), SIM São Paulo (Brazil), Queremos Khruangbin etc. For 2020, the band will make a World Tour including Mexico (Hipnosis present Glue Trip), SXSW 2020 and Treefort Music Fest 2020, plus their first US Tour (Texas, Seattle, Portland, California NYC and more). After this, the band will be touring in Europe (Italy, France, UK, Germany, Switzerland and more).

At the beginning of October, we released Glue Trip’s new video, which came out on KEXP (United States) / Música em DX (Portugal) / Rocktails (Argentina) / Revista POUSTA (Chile) / Hits Perdidos (Brazil) etc.

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