General Mojo’s

General Mojo’s



The Funky Taco

801 W Bannock St

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Saturday, March 23rd

10:40 pm to 11:50 pm


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621 W Main St

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Friday, March 22nd

9:00 pm to 9:50 pm




On their new EP All of the Greats, Seattle, WA psych-pop acolytes General Mojo’s manage to cram a vision-quests’ worth of soaring vocal harmonies, multicolored oil-drip synth lines, and shimmering fuzz-guitar wash into a concise – and incredibly compelling – journey. Reach out and take their hands, and they’ll lead you into a world where everything is just a little more colorful (and quite a lot groovier.)

Written around the Pacific Northwest, All of the Greats was tracked at Electrokitty in Seattle’s Wallingford neighborhood. It was produced by General Mojo’s, recorded by Garrett Reynolds, and mastered by Levi Seitz of Blackbelt Mastering. While the record broadly deals with the transient nature of existence, the title track in particular resonates (so much so that it’s the focus of the bands breathtaking, deeply inspiring video). “There’s a beautiful book called Desert by graphic novelist Travis Rommeriem that inspired us” says Thomas. “It addresses mortality and other planes of existence in a way that felt like a psychedelic trip. It was a way of coping with the loss of some very important people, and recognizing “all of the greats have gone to space”. You have your time to do what you are going to do and then you’re going to leave behind whatever you created.”

In December 2017 the band hosted a non-stop, 24-hour Livestream concert to raise money for the All of the Greats video; and donated 50% to local non-profit ANEW, which trains women for jobs in the building trades. A community event, it featured myriad local artists and was hosted by MODE Music, the non-profit where Thomas teaches drums and percussion (she plays drums regularly for Mary Lambert.)

General Mojo’s set out across Seattle, combing through salvage yards and thrift stores to gather parts for their spacecraft. They turned to the MODE student body to find engineers, launch support staff, and their intrepid astronaut. “We want to inspire people to do impossible things” says Butler. “All of the greats have gone to space. When folks hit play on this record we hope they feel like they’re gathered around a campfire singing songs with their friends and family – except the campfire is on a planet in another dimension.”

In the last few months the band has released their new EP and numerous music videos, including a live video collaboration with guitarist Andy Coe and organist Delvon Lamarr.


Dream Pop + Funk + Psychedelic


Seattle, WA