FAVX are Nicolás, Daniel and Carlos; a three piece band that sounds like something in between noise, punk, indie, post-hardcore and pop. They’ve been compared with bands such as Fugazi, Husker Du or Nirvana. Named one of the best emerging bands and live act of the year by spanish national radio, their performances are powerful, noisy and energic. Their first EP “Welfare” (Burger Records / Miel de Moscas, 2018) has been enough to tour Europe, UK and USA, performing in festivals like SXSW, Primavera Sound or FIB, among others. Their first album is gonna be released in 2019.

Coming up from the basement of a printing factory, FAVX are a power-trio from the outsider neighbourhood of Tetuán, in the suburbs of Madrid (Spain). Not punk, neither grunge or hardcore; their tunes aim for something in beetween that sounds noisy but fresh and catchy at the same time. Being compared a thousand times with bands like Fugazi, Weaves or Girl Band, FAVX live show has happened inside and outside of Spain, in festivals like Primavera Club, Low and Monkey Week; and they’re one of the first bands to be confirmed at SXSW 2018. And again coming up in 2019 Confirmed again early for SXSW OFFICIAL after blistering sets in 2018 FAVX is a SXSW Favorite for the in the knows especially with the being in the family with Spain Legends The Parrots who are also from Madrid and share guitar and hi wire stage stunt man Dani who are widely know for EPIC SOLD OUT SXSW PERFORMANCES YEAR AFTER YEAR . Welfare” is their first release: an EP of raw energy, weird guitars and frustrated pop songs that end up being a fireball of noisy experiments.


Pop + Punk


Madrid, ESP