Eleven & Jason D

Eleven & Jason D


Eleven & Jason D (aka E&J) are a Boise, ID based group with a love for 1990’s boom bap Hip Hop. Eleven honed his MC skills growing up in San Diego while Jason D was getting busy on college radio in the Bay Area. For the past decade plus, they’ve claimed Boise as home. Disappointed with the current pop trends of mumble rap and the same trap sound, they aim to keep it true to a time when you had to be original, lyrics mattered, and the beats made you want to nod your head.

E&J released their first self-titled album “Eleven & Jason D” in 2017 followed up with “No Exceptions” in 2018. Their music is available on all streaming platforms. Forget all the glamour and glitz. They are out to earn your respect.




Boise, ID