Ecstatic Dance Boise

Ecstatic Dance Boise



JUMP (Move Room)

1000 W Myrtle St

Date & Time

Saturday, March 23rd

3:20 pm to 4:20 pm


YogafortAll Ages


Rio has been blessed to be involved with the Ecstatic Dance scene for over nine years in Boise and beyond. With humble gratitude to all of those who he has been involved with over those years, he has learned deeply about the Ecstatic Dance movement. Rio also has acquired an vast and extensive musical selection in which he is able to find perfect music and sounds to create a flow and vibe that allows people/dancers to have a joyful and beautiful dance-yoga-movement experience.
“Every time I dance I break open, and the light comes in.”
~ Rio Love

Ecstatic Dance Boise

Ecstatic Dance is a moving meditation… a safe space for exploring your own unique inner dance. There is no choreography or steps to follow, just an invitation to feel and surrender to the rhythm of the music… to let yourself move.
Free form Ecstatic Dance is an expressive and integrative healing arts practice where participants merge as one with sound and intuitive movement. A yoga of mind, body, spirit; free form dance can facilitate beautiful experiences of individualized personal expression through movement.


Boise, ID