Daniel Ortiz-Lopez

Daniel Ortiz-Lopez



Owyhee (storyfort)

1109 Main Street

Date & Time

Wednesday, March 20th

12:00 pm to 1:30 pm


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Daniel Ortiz-Lopez is a first generation American-born citizen. His parents and grandparents were born in Mexico and have lived successful lives raising three kids, of which he is the eldest. Daniel grew up in the small town of Greenleaf, Idaho. When he was 17, he joined the Navy and served for 5 years and is an Operation Iraqi Freedom veteran. Armed with research and determination, Daniel demonstrates and advocates for deported military veterans demanding answers and action. To do this, he has worked with PODER of Idaho and Boise State University’s Tunnel of Oppression. Daniel is instrumental in furthering discussion about deported veterans with local immigration attorneys and in informing the public through activism. His goal is to fight for their civil liberties and continue to push for, and eventually achieve the return of these men to US soil. Daniel represents and is a voice for dependents of military service members whom are also subject to deportation.


Boise, ID