CoreVette Dance Collective

CoreVette Dance Collective



Radio Boise Stage

12th and Grove

Date & Time

Sunday, March 24th

1:00 pm to 2:00 pm


YogafortAll Ages


CoreVette Dance Collective is a Boise-based power group of movers from all over the universe. Completely obsessed with making dance accessible, freeing, and FUN for all humans, this collective has devoted their time to elevating class and performance experiences for their community in every possible way. Through their belief that the human spirit can be revived and magnified by art and expression, this team of wiggling wildlings is certain to entertain and inspire!

The CORE of CoreVette Dance Collective is made up of Emily Long, Miranda Palacio, Marissa Grund, Alex McLaughlin, Sam Mughrabi, Riley Senzig, and Khoa Nguyen.

The Treefort Dance Battle

The always outrageous Treefort Dance Battle is back, pitting breakers against wigglers, wigglers against poppers, poppers against body rollers, and everything in between! Come show your stuff, regardless of training or skill level, because this battle is about INDIVIDUALITY and SELF EXPRESSION above all else. We want to see you do YOU! And as always, expect a few surprises along the way…


Boise, ID