Conquer Monster

Conquer Monster


Conquer Monster combines the warm analogue hum of vintage synth rock, the pulsing club beats of modern electronica, and the nostalgic 8-bit sounds of the 1980s into their Sci-Fi space jams. Their dynamic live performances include a backdrop of glitched-out and well-worn VHS videos while their music caters to audiophiles and dance club enthusiasts alike. Their most recent endeavor, Outerdimensional Exploration, was a collaboration with the Clark Planetarium which included aspects of film, theater, full-dome visuals, and a live musical performance. They will guide you through a world of retro-tech aesthetics and soundscapes that wax and wane from dystopian ambiance to punchy dance-floor pop. Conquer Monster will transport you to the future the 80s promised, but never delivered.


Electronic + Lo-fi


Provo, UT