Chrystalina is an earth inspired Sound Practitioner, Musician, Ritual maker, Songwriter, Bodyworker, Teacher and Owner of locally based HOHM BODYWORK and SOUND HEALING. She facilitates sound baths at her studio as well as in collaborations with other musicians, Yoga Teachers and Yoga Nidra Practitioners around the West Coast and Hawaii.

The Frequency Sessions Sound Journey ~ A deep dive into the sonic heart.

Weaving ambient sound, mantra and vocal toning I invoke and guide listeners through a sonic landscape that opens the heart. Participants are guided through a deep journey with guided imagery, sounds that stir the soul and calm the nervous system. Carefully crafted frequencies are created to invoke deep relaxation, meditative states, and energetic adjustments. My collection of instruments is vast and includes crystal and tibetan singing bowls, gongs, handpan, frame drums, chimes, and voice.


Boise, Idaho