Chris King & The Gutterballs

Chris King & The Gutterballs


Sometimes you enter a bar on a rainy Sunday night and everything’s quiet. Just a few faces hovering over warm beer as a television glows. But on other, more rare occasions, you can stumble onto something sensational, sublime. Like the first time you heard a new band grace a corner stage, their cords bursting open like light striking through darkness. Like the first time you heard the Seattle-based group, Chris King & The Gutterballs.

Emerald City artists know The Blue Moon. Its carved tabletops and dusty corners have hosted down-on-their-luck locals to artists like Jack Kerouac, who drank whiskey at the dive when he visited. And it’s in The Blue Moon where The Gutterballs, who have since gone on to play prominent northwest festivals like Upstream Music Fest, Freakout Fest and Big Ass Boombox, got their start, playing a weekly residency with a befitting roadhouse sensibility.

Comprised of elastic-voiced front man Chris King, frantic drummer Justin Denewith and rippling bassist Malcolm Roberts, the group, which has released two acclaimed EPs, will look to build off the recent radio success of their song, “Stories of Me,” which has become a favorite on KEXP’s famed northwest show, Audioasis. With a new full-length slated for spring 2019, Chris King & The Gutterballs will continue to offer songs that brim with both ghost and traveler who, like the group, have chosen to accept the truths of the road, along with the reprieves of the outposts along the way.


Americana + Rock


Seattle, WA