Chief Broom

Chief Broom


Chief Broom is the brainchild of local musician and artist Shadrach Tuck. The music of Chief Broom is an eclectic amalgamation of indie rock/post-punk while still drawing from grunge, fusing post-whatever rock soundscapes juxtaposed against jazz harmony. As if Modest Mouse, Interpol and Jeff Buckley were in a car wreck with “Bitches Brew” Era Miles Davis.
Shad is most commonly known for his work locally as a founding member of SLYMOONSUTRA, local jazz group Trio Skgeddit, and the newly formed hardcore punk/hip-hop outfit Trauma Kit. He has performed with other local bands such as Queen Boychild, AGEDEXCHAMPION, Danhadit, Zack Quintana, Hakim Prime and Soul Refuge/tuct. among others. He has opened for artists including Victor Wooten, Thundercat, Built to Spill, and iLOVEMAKONNEN and performed in venues throughout the Pacific Northwest.
Chief Broom has remained his outlet for self reflection and catharsis, stemming from early songwriting in high school at the age of 16. The primary inspiration of the music is a reflection of developmental periods in life and the frustrations that interweave them.


Alternative + Funk + Jazz + New Wave + Post-Rock