Chairea are a band that carries their weight in such an important way to the Montana scene. You sort of expect there to be young, smart, ambitious bands to come out of Missoula, because of the rich arts/college scene, and you expect a few similar bands to come out of Billings, just due to the population factor of Billings.

But Bozeman is in a weird middle ground. Yes, there’s a college there, but it doesn’t really have the same kind of arty weirdo scene that Missoula has. Yes, it’s a well-established city, but it doesn’t really have the same sort of critical-mass population stability that Billings has. So being a member of the Bozeman punk/diy scene creates a unique set of challenges.

Chairea are a band that breaks through those challenges. They tour, they book, they shred. They protect but they also attack. They fight the good fight, playing music that isn’t extremely marketable in the “Our bluegrass band will play two hour-and-a-half long sets to a bunch of drunk rednecks and get paid $500.00 for it” kind of way, but it’s certainly not inaccessible by any means. It’s melodic as all hell, and also weird, but not in a weird for the sake of being weird way. What more could you ask?
-Austin Finn,


Indie + Post- Rock + Punk


Bozeman, MT