Cassandra Lewis (The Foxxtones)

Cassandra Lewis (The Foxxtones)


Cassandra lewis is a road travelled singer-songwriter with a talent for storytelling, a sultry, booming voice, and a charming wit that’s just the right balance for her moody, wailing western vibe. Cosmic Americana/ folkadelic, punktry western… We don’t know what to call it, but we love it!!!

Her classic style evokes the spirit of artists like Marty Robbins, Dolly Parton and Patsy Cline. Her impressive range she still manages to create a potent experience enough for the new age bringing to mind more modern artists like LP, and Angel Olson. She channels many eras of music and walks us through her history with vulnerable magnetism. Though in 2018 she released her first EP titled, Welcome Home in the beginning of 2018..

Cass has been collaborating with some incredible west-coast artists to bring new material for her sophomore record, Cali Gold… A soulful, melismatic ride journaling through the last 6 years in Love, Cannabis, and losing it all. With more of the 60’s psychedelic rock influence paired with her tried and true classic style, this new wave of music is like an angry swarm of honey bees. Sweet but it stings.


Americana + Folk + Psychedelic + Singer-Songwriter + Soul


San Francisco, CA/ Boise, ID PREV NEXT