Casey Rocket

Casey Rocket


Casey Rocket is a Boise-based comedian risen from the ashes of the great storytellers before him: Geoffrey Chaucer, Hunter S. Thompson, Verne Troyer, Grimace from McDonalds. A former staple, or at least a thumbtack, of the Atlanta comedy scene, he got his start in the pool halls of South Georgia before moving on to Boise to headline shows all over the region. During his travels he has featured and performed with comedians like David Dyer, Sofyia Alexandra, and Ian Karmel while frequently showing off his transgressions at Liquid Laughs in Boise.

A published comedy and satire writer, as well as an extremely debatably successful podcaster, his quick-moving and eclectic style of referential comedy has reached audiences all around the nation. From barbershop relapses to pepperoni smokescreens, his refreshing, often borderline absurdist, act is sure to strike a chord with your sister’s older boyfriend when he stops by the show after he gets off at Staples. Goobers rejoice, when he’s not on stage you can find him on Instagram @caseyrocket and Twitter @MCdooglebear before you tune into his horrifying podcast The Grimace Half-Hour Power Hour on iTunes and SoundCloud.


Boise, Idaho