Los Angeles, CA


Los Angeles-based band, Cartalk, shares their debut album, Pass Like Pollen, today. After much anticipation, the indie-rock, Alt-country LP has arrived as a “explosive and promising debut” (Stereogum). With previous love from KEXP on their first morning show live session of the season, the sentiment is clear from anyone who hears Cartalk play and the resounding message is simple: “We like these songs so much.” Indeed. That’s likely why Buzzbands.LA says the “music lingers in the sweet space between dreamy shoegaze and open-hearted Americana.”

With carefully crafted lyrics and gorgeous melodies, it’s no wonder they’re considered a band loved by other bands, and Consequence of Sound says, “You may not know who Cartalk is just yet, but chances are many of your favorite indie artists probably do,” adding, “Those are some pretty tall endorsements for a debut album, but Moore’s songwriting exceeds the hype.”

Saying it best themselves, Cartalk aka Chuck Moore (they/them), describes the album, saying: “Pass Like Pollen distills the aftermath of a relationship—both the beautiful fragments I want to hold on to and the dismal ones I hold a light to so I will never forget what loss of self-worth looks like.”