Callithumpian is a group of inspired, young aliens from outer space who, after crash landing in San Francisco, have found a home together in Rock Band Land. Their original music spans an incredibly vast array of styles, and they simply cannot be tethered to one genre. In their canon, they have tunes in the veins of Rock, Indie, Alternative, Reggae, and Pop Music.

Their lyrics are driven by their bizarre wit and collective whimsy, but these songwriters are not afraid to go into the deeper territories of evocative and emotional themes. They tell tales of being haunted by the ghosts of negative karma, love as a form of demonic possession, and familial rejection of one’s gender identity — all through the eyes of unabashedly creative youth. The only aspect more entrancing than they stories they weave is the electric camaraderie this tight group of misfits share.


Indie + Pop + Rock


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