C.J. Thomas

C.J. Thomas



JUMP (Pioneer Room)

1000 W Myrtle St

Date & Time

Saturday, March 23rd

2:50 pm to 3:50 pm


YogafortAll Ages


C.J. is the founder of Life by the Moon Yoga, LLC. She is a registered 200hr Hatha Yoga teacher through Yoga Alliance, a certified Warrior Goddess Training Facilitator, certified Vaginal Steam Facilitator and a Banyan Botanicals Affiliate. Through cultivating a deep knowledge of the body and how to bring balance, she has developed a passion for inspiring health, wealth and radical self-empowerment. She aims to make yoga and integrative health practices accessible to humans of all colors, shapes, sizes and lineages, and to help them tap into the healer within.

Yoga and Ayurveda: Moving the Elements.

We start out learning about the doshas, the elemental makeup of the body. I give detailed information on how the doshas show up in when in balance, and how they appear when there is an excessive accumulation of either one. Next, we move through a juicy yoga practice that connects asana to elements as we explore how to balance the doshas through movement. This practice is an intricate journey through ether, air, fire, water and deeply rooted earth.