Boise, ID


The tenderly titled buttstuff is the emo pop love child (pipe dream?) of Frankie Geier and Ricki Ramirez. They began in 2016 with a drum machine, lots of t-shirt ideas, and a basic knowledge of guitar chords. The band later expanded adding percussionist Oliver Bock and multitalented musician Cricket Yager to the mix. Flash forward to 2020 and their sound has flourished.

Ramirez writes poetic lyrics of longing and love for the people in her life. Whether the accompanying music is melodic and dreamy or distorted and loud the feelings come across in a way that makes you want to hear more from buttstuff.

Currently they have released two EPs (I Need A Break From Heaven pt 1 and 2) and a 7″ split with another local band, Porcelain Tongue on HiFi Mantra Records and have more on plans to tour and release music throughout the year. Be sure to see what buttstuff is all about! Tell all your friends and family about buttstuff!!