Bryson Cone

Bryson Cone


Bryson Cone is a mixed media artist, musician and garlic bread enthusiast currently residing in Portland, OR. Cone has an MFA from the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Mixed Media & Conceptual Art. In addition to his solo project, Bryson Cone has contributed to several other musical projects including synths / vocals for Fog Father, synths / effects for Reptaliens, synths / guitar for Cat Hoch and a number of one-night stands as guitarist in The Blind Dates backing band for Gary Wilson.

Bryson Cone sounds somewhere in the realm of synth lovers’ avant-pop, goth pop, noise rock and space rock all jammed into one eclectic, tragically-romantic mixtape. Bryson Cone is impressionistic, outsider pop. If R. Stevie Moore started a Roxy Music or The Cure cover band it probably wouldn’t sound very much like Bryson Cone, but Bryson Cone would probably be obsessed with it. Cone performs live with a full backing band. The band currently features members Hannah Blilieh (Miss Rayon, The Gossip) Bambi Browning (Reptaliens, Wild Ones), Chris Hoganson (Fur Coats, Wampire), Ben Steinmetz (Kyle Kraft) and Cat Hoch (BlackWater HolyLight).


Goth + Pop + Psychedelic


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