Treefort 9 Postponed to September 22-26, 2021

Brian Louderbough

Brian Louderbough

Boise, Idaho


“Sound is the medicine of the future.”
-Edgar Cayce, late 20th century

I whole heartedly believe this to be true, and also that the future he spoke of is here now. People are awakening more and more to the power of sound and vibration, and it’s potential to assist us in different ways on our path. “Sound Healing” or “Vibrational Medicine”, has the ability to harmonize our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and subtle energy bodies. Interestingly, this is nothing new, in many way it is an ancient practice with roots far deeper than most of us know. For instance, the use of Gongs for meditation and healing purposes dates back to 4000BC.

In Sonic Synergy, I play a combination of different instruments from around the world, to help take people on a unique inner journey through sound and frequency. This can induce higher brain wave states, delta and theta, which are typically only reached in REM sleep or a deep meditation. What happens is basically a merging of the two brain hemispheres, which in essence is the goal of a meditation and yoga practice. This greatly increases awareness of the present moment and inherantly, connection to all life. Within this heightened awareness, new nueral pathways are formed and it becomes easier to stay grounded in the present moment and in ones spiritual center throughout the day.

Life is so much better when your here now. The only requirements to attend are an open mind free of judgement, the intention to be fully present and with the experience for the duration, and a comfortable mat and pillow so you can really let go and relax.

May all beings be well and free from suffering!! Blessings.