Brett Netson

Brett Netson



Boise Contemporary Theater

854 W Fulton St

Date & Time

Saturday, March 23rd

8:50 pm to 11:50 pm


TreefortAll Ages


Spawned in Idaho’s Great Basin/Snake River Plain, Brett Netson specializes in heavy, psychedelic, lowdown rock and roll guitar/DMT therapist, Having served as an industrial grade force multiplier to the likes of Built to Spill,EARTH and cult rock outfit, Caustic Resin. Netson joined Mark Lanegan’s touring band through 2005, hitting Europe and the US West Coast once or twice a year. Netson has also appeared on a few of Lanegan’s albums and EPs, as well as albums from Mike Johnson and the Evildoers, Helvetia, the Delusions and others. Netson appeared as a second guitarist on Earth’s critically acclaimed album, Primitive and Deadly, and Nate Hall’s (USX) solo release, Electric Vacuum Roar and on the soon to be released Drought Stick by Gridfailure and Earth, Live at Third Man Records.

Displaying a wilder, darker, more hedonistic sound than Built To Spill, Caustic Resin released six metal, space rock and psychedelia influenced albums between 1993 and 2003. Among them, 1998’s The Medicine Is All Gone, has been described as, “the best record to come down off acid to…” a hallucinogenic, heavy guitar album almost without equal, has been reissued on Netson’s own Scavenger Cult records.

With the latest incarnation of the Netsonian under world exploration, he has scaled it down with the recent acquisition of the Moog Taurus bass synth pedal unit. Massive bass waves and stereo guitar, enabling a nimble path of navigation through the collective unconcious. The newest analog effort The SNAKES/CROSSS split will see release on LP and cassette through Scavenger Cult on October 6th.


Blues + Doom + Experimental + Heavy + Rock