Treefort 9 Postponed to September 22-26, 2021



Santa Fe, NM


Steeped in the tradition and belief that rock and pop music can be both a means of entertainment as well as a form of art, multi-instrumentalist Dylan Blanchard has worked extensively as a collaborator with that in mind. Now he decided he’s ready to step, both proverbially and literally, from the back of the stage where he’s more experienced and comfortable, up to the front. 17 plus years as a sideman and creative contributor to dozens of varied projects has taught him many valuable lessons, and is still his passion in many ways. Recording and touring with such eclectic acts as the Austin based indie-rock quintet, Tristero (drums), the Santa Fe based garage-punk and grunge band, Babelshack (bass), Delaware based singer-songwriter, Danny Whitecotton (drums, keyboards), and the wildly impractical but equally as fun 25-piece folk/rock orchestra known as Apple Miner Colony (drums) have all helped shape Dylan into the musician and songwriter he is today.

With his ear sharpened for the many different ways songs can speak to their listeners and the possibilities for instrumentation and arrangement to transport a great song to the level of a moving and transformative listening experience, it felt like time to let his songwriting speak with its own voice. In July of 2018, Blanchard made his solo debut with the 7” record, “A Ghost in Arroyo Hondo (Just One of Many),” a record which marked the first time since his years at the College of Santa Fe that Dylan went into the studio to create something entirely his own. The debut is brings together Blanchard’s contrasting styles, timbres, and influences to make something at times both catchy and dissonant, energetic and dark, joyful and sad.

The follow up, a four-track EP entitled Imminence, comes out on March 22nd, 2019, and further delves into the spaces between catchy, energetic garage-rock riffs and mournful, minimalist song structures. Blanchard collaborated with song-writer Benito Rose Plaza to write the EP and teamed up again with fellow Santa Fe musicians Vonnie Kyle, Ben Clary & Dave Badstubner to record and perform the EP which was mastered by Will Dyar of Hills Audio with additional tracking by Kabby Kabakoff at Kabby Sound. Dave Badstubner also mixed the EP.