On their debut LP “Mirror”, Balms chose to submerge their airy, dream rock sound into the depths of the soul, embarking on an internal excavation of the darkest area that exists within us all – the Shadow Self. Through years of sonic exploration, conjuring melodies from meditative, repetitive improvisation, the band manifests songs that break through the standard rock format and reach for a more profound level of musical communication. The result is a journey of self-discovery – 11 songs that each offer a place of sanctuary and healing.

Recorded by Jack Shirley (deafheaven, king woman, bosse-de-nage) to create the environment – the raw, live-to-tape experience of the music – and mixed with precision by Justin Gerrish (brand new, vampire weekend, the strokes), “Mirror” is a nightmarish yet cathartic space for the listener to confront and forgive their own darkness, and out of this experience, to grow.


Alternative + Heavy + Shoegaze


San Francisco, CA