And And And

And And And


Isn’t it strange that most bios are written by the people they are about? While this is not lost on And And And, they can’t seem to present themselves flatteringly. Maybe they are just bad at this part. It’s true, there are many things this band is acutely poor at. They are completely screwed as a band because they suck at things like: bios, social media, money, and fashion. They continually shoot themselves in the feet and have been stumbling around the west coast for far longer than is appropriate at their age. The four members of And And And never could grasp the age-old rule in music that the work of being a band is mostly about promoting a version of themselves that’s missing the parts that suck. Foolishly, they have tried to be honest. They’ve released a bunch of full length albums, EP’s, and other stuff. The content of many of their songs seems glum. It’s not all doom and gloom though, in fact, the songs are celebrations of the harsh realities of being alive. It’s been nine years, here’s to another nine. DO NOT SHARE THIS LINK:


Alternative + Punk + Rock


Portland, OR