Ana Lete

Ana Lete


Ana Lete is a band to watch out for, according to the Revue. Lead Vocalist/Guitarist, Ana Lete, creates her own brand of indie-folk music that is authentic, contemplative, and surreal. When her plaintive and jazz influenced vocals are combined with Gavin Peterson’s energetic drumming and Ashton Jenicek’s atmospheric synthesizer, the Boise-based trio creates a soundscape that is all at once soothing, immersive, and quietly ominous, according to the Boise Weekly.

In Boise and beyond, she is becoming known for her stunning, intimate, boundary-pushing sets that leave audiences entranced, moved, and emotional – sometimes to the point of crying into their beer.

Lete is currently in the studio recording her debut full-length studio album, Eternal Hibernation, which will be released spring of 2019.


Folk + Indie + Singer-Songwriter


Boise, ID