Adam Pasi

Adam Pasi


Adam Pasi is a Portland comic who is quickly becoming among the most recognized names in Northwest comedy.

Born in Tacoma, WA and raised on army bases on the East Coast and in Germany, Adam’s unique outlook on life allows him to craft absurd yet relatable stories, culminating in admittedly ridiculous calls to arms.

Adam has appeared on Portlandia, performed on the Limestone, Big Sky, and Bridgetown comedy festivals. He features regularly at Helium Comedy Club, and was named Portland’s Funniest Person in 2016 by the Willamette Week (a free newspaper)

Frequently intense, but never taking himself too seriously, Adam Pasi encourages all who’ll listen to join him in his mostly imaginary, but always amusing crusade against… well, something. Whatever it is, being loud and silly is the only way to fight it.


Portland, Oregon