Acid King

Acid King


Acid King is a stoner doom band that was formed 1993 in San Francisco, California. Their signature is distortion, tight guitar-bass riff attacks and a Marshall-stacked, bloated low rear end. Ampeg bass amps and Ludwig drum kit supplemented the heaviness accordingly. Heavy but spacey. Lori’s searing guitar leads contrasted nicely with her nefarious vocal stylings. People appreciate something different and distinctive, enthusiastically supporting Acid King’s opening slots for the likes of the Melvins, Sleep and Hawkwind.
The band’s name was inspired by the true crime book Say You Love Satan by David St. Claire. It is based on the crimes of Ricky Kasso (nicknamed ‘The Acid King’) who committed a murder in Northport, New York during 1984.


Doom + Heavy + Metal + Psychedelic + Rock


San Francisco, CA