A Mighty Band of Microbes

A Mighty Band of Microbes


A Mighty Band of Microbes is a garage folka band from Boise, ID.

“What is ‘garage folka’?”: Garage Folka is a creative mix of punk, folk, and circus music featuring accordion, homemade instruments, silliness, catchy tunes, children’s song about death and occasional circus flair best experienced in person. It is a connection to that time in your childhood when music was fun, simple, and joyful. They are an unconventional band in the age of convention.

A Mighty Band of Microbes has slowly become a blend of performance art, comedy, singalongs, and audience participation that lives in the moment and is difficult to define. They have moved toward frequent collaboration with other local artists making every show unique. They even spearheaded Boise’s first accordion festival Squeeze Con Year Zero. Who knows what they will do next.

Embrace the awkward.


Folk + Indie + Punk