a.k.a. Belle

a.k.a. Belle


a.k.a. Belle ride fiercely in a no mans land where intimate vocals sneak into bed with wild guitar serenades and wrestle with beats of a by gone era. Beautifully unhinged, they incorporate elements of rock n roll, beatnik jazz, and Americana.
“Belle” spent much of 2018 working on their 3rd full length studio album, “Sagebrush Athenians” (due for release in early 2019). Other highlights of 2018 – Treefort, of course; headlining Hyde Park Street Fair; taking part in Radio Boise’s Couch Surfer series; and releasing two epic singles, “Wonders of the World” (a call for justice and equality, which was released prior to the mid term elections, with sales benefitting Rock the Vote); and “War On Love,” as well a monumental accompanying video for the latter, featuring a cameo from John Edsall (Mantooth) and a cast of thousands. (Well, more like thirty.) Daniel Yoshida of Radio Boise called it the best video since MTV died!
Their live performances have been described as “an affectionate, empowered and hope-inspiring call to resist.”
P.S. They like glitter, whiskey and tears.


Folk + Jazz + Rock