Hackfort is a not your traditional tech conference! We proudly wear the title ‘digital humanities conference’ and aim to bring those passionate about tech culture together in one place to trade new ideas and experiences. We love having a good time engaging all things tech.

Tickets Required | Ages 11+

This year we are making it easier to enter our orbit over at JUMP — we have jam-packed our schedule with programming that will pull you in like gravity to the earth’s center. On the first floor of JUMP, we are creating a ‘work-friendly’ space for those of you who tend to work hard with snacks and beverages available all day. On the 5th floor, we’ll be providing free coffee to keep your focus going strong, and beer for sale to keep ya rockin’.

Hackfort Badges are on sale now and our structure is a bit different than last year. Much like Treefort concerts, all Hackfort events are first-come, first served meaning we’ll form a queue and when the room is full, it’s full! So buy early and show up early!


Hackfort badge-holders get priority access to all Hackfort specific programming (meaning badge holders always enter and are seated first; even before ZIPLINE Treefort passholders). Hackfort badge-holders will also get priority entry to small groups and social events if there is space available.

A Treefort wristband holder is welcome to walk-up to any Hackfort event and see if there is space, but is not guaranteed a spot.

Hackfort schedule is live so download the Treefort App and create your dream Hackfort agenda.

Programming Tracks

Blockchain / Cryptocurrencies

What’s become one of the hottest topics of news coverage this year, blockchain and cryptocurrency are getting a lot of attention! Have you seen the increase in Bitcoin just this month alone? It’s insane! We’ve got a lot of exciting workshops and talks from key figures in the blockchain industry. Whether you’re just interested in learning more, or one of the lucky few who invested early and want to diversify, Hackfort 2018 will be a great place to come together on this topic.

Gaming & Innovation

From board games to video games, augmented reality to virtual reality, puzzles to hardware, we’ve got your curiosities covered in the innovative sector. The Hackfort expo hall will be in full swing once again and open to the public. We also have a handful of awesome workshops and talks featuring key players who are driving the gaming and sound sectors in some exciting ways.

Content Creation

Blogs, podcasts, YouTube Channels and TwitchTV streamers are the connective tissue of the technology industry. If you’re interested in starting your own community, reviewing games or eager to know how big publications want to be pitched on your startup, we’ve got a handful of key folks to share their knowledge and tell their stories.