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Hackfort 2020 Lineup

Get your nerd on at Hackfort 2020!

In addition to headliners Melodysheep, Kathleen Cohen, and Chad Rea, Hackfort will welcome dozens of creators, scientists, programmers, developers, and organizations.

The complete Hackfort lineup includes Dan Salvato demonstrating how to hack and modify Super Smash Bros, local entrepreneur Jason Crawforth demonstrating a new deepfake prevention product, a puppet prototyping workshop with The Colossal Collective. Get a look at the neuroscience behind musicians and their fans with Robert Abelow of Secret Chord Laboratories, and Will Hay and Zack Rowland of Spacebar Arcade along with Aaron Christensen and Dean Cohen of Burdock Games for a discussion and first look at a new independently developed game that will be transformed into an arcade cabinet version.

Hackfort will take place Friday and Saturday of Treefort 2020 (March 25-29) at Boise Centre.

Hackfort Badges are on sale now and will gain you priority access to events! Admission to Hackfort is also included in a Treefort Pass.

For the full Hackfort lineup, click here.


Take a peek at the Hackfort 2020 lineup below.


( amber mountain studios – owner )
Melodysheep is John D. Boswell, a filmmaker, composer, and editor from the Pacific Northwest. His work spans from television and music production to viral remixes and mashups, and has drawn over 100 million views online.

Most recently, Melodysheep created the 8 part series ORIGINS for National Geographic, and has done extensive work with Disney, PBS, and many other collaborators. A TED guest and Webby Award winner, he strives to evoke a sense of awe with his work by celebrating the musicality of life, nature, and pop culture.




( digital twins / virtual beings, the collaboratorium – experience strategist )
Kathleen Cohen is an XR immersive designer and experience strategist with over 20+ years building both user and guest experiences. Kathleen’s background includes working as a Creative, as well as a Producer/Sr. Producer for DreamWorks Interactive, IBM Centers for Innovation and Disney Parks & Resorts Online. Kathleen also had a brief 4-year stint in civic engagement as the Vice President of Digital Innovation & Integration for the National Constitution Center, helping to tell the contemporary story of our Constitution.

Currently, Kathleen’s consultancy, the Collaboratorium focuses on immersive, disruptive and exponential tech, AI/ML, XR and spatial computing projects as it relates to virtual humans, as well as themed attractions, LBE, gaming, product development and future storytelling narratives. Her interest is the near future of man+machine and the humanist potential, perspective and transformation that parallels it.




( independent creative consultant / mentor )
Chad Rea has created influential advertising and design for more than 170 brands, including Target, Google, Nike, Mountain Dew, MTV, and ESPN X Games. When he’s not building brands, he helps build internal creative departments, coaches young creatives, and creates social impact art from Austin, Texas.

Chad will show you how to think differently about effectively branding and marketing your business or organization while learning from industry examples and actionable insights, as well as implementing new processes to help solve your current challenges in a supportive and collaborative environment.




( team salvato – creative director )
Dan Salvato is an independent developer best known for creating Doki Doki Literature Club, the #1-rated Psychological Horror game on Steam. Before DDLC, Salvato was well-known in the Super Smash Bros. community for his game mods written in Assembly language and machine code. Examples of his work include creating 20XX Tournament Edition (Super Smash Bros. Melee) and contributing to Project M (Super Smash Bros. Brawl).

Dan will be demonstrating how to hack and modify video games using Super Smash Bros. Melee at Hackfort 2020.




( 4th wall – creative director )
Nancy Baker Cahill is an artist working at the intersection of fine art, new media and activism. She is the Founder and Creative Director of 4th Wall, a free Augmented Reality (AR) public art platform exploring resistance and inclusive creative expression. She initiated “Coordinates,” an ongoing series of collaborative, curated & site-specific AR public art exhibitions, including “Defining Line” along the LA river, and the city-wide “Battlegrounds” (24 artists and 30 AR artworks) in New Orleans. She is the recipient of an ARC Grant from the Center for Cultural Innovation, and was a 2019 nominee for the Rema Hort Mann Emerging Artist Grant. Baker Cahill was a featured 2018 TEDx speaker in Pasadena, was the subject of a 2019 Bloomberg Media Art and Technology short documentary, received an “Impact Maker to Watch” award at LA City Hall and was named by the LA Times as one of the Faces of the Year, ARTS in 2019.




( deputy director of emerging technology – southern new hampshire university )
Jesse Damiani is Deputy Director of Emerging Technology at Southern New Hampshire University, a Forbes Contributor, and works as a freelance curator and producer of new media exhibitions and experiences.

He was Producer of the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse AR Experience for Sony Pictures Animation and DesignerCon; the Curator/Producer for the XR art exhibition, SPATIAL REALITY, at sp[a]ce gallery; Co-Curator of VIRTUAL FUTURES with LACMA for LA Art Show; and Co-Curator of SIM-CINEMA with FLOAT and Wevr. He also curates The Tech Zone at DesignerCon and XR For Change, the XR summit at Games For Change.




( independent consultant )
Chris Cross is a leading Creative Director in the games industry with over 20 years experience as a highly-respected design director. While Cross is one of a very elite group of creative directors to achieve commercial success in multiple genres and platforms, he is best known for his groundbreaking work as designer helping to create the 1st person warfighter game, Medal of Honor while at DreamWorks Interactive (later acquired by Electronic Art’s). Chris was subsequently appointed Design Director for the entire Medal of Honor business which lifetime sales of over 50 Million units sold across numerous platform and countries. In 2015 Cross started his own consultancy, Princess Hermitt, LLC to provide game design and production services to game developers. Through Princess Hermit, Cross recently provided Creative Direction and design mentorship on CHKN, a game about building animals from basic components.




( jayla digital – owner / disrupting stigma – podcast host )
Brooke Lacey has worked in IT since 1995 in Chicago after completing her CS degree from Northern Illinois University. She founded Tech Savvy, LLC in 2010 – the only woman-owned and operated computer repair business in the Pacific Northwest that then morphed into more and more website and SEO development so in 2016 she dissolved Tech Savvy and began freelancing as herself and founding Jayla Digital, a web development agency.

Her non-profit, KidBuildIt was created out of a community need for complete computer science instruction that included not only computer programming but computer hardware knowledge as well. She also hosts Disrupting Stigma, a podcast all about living successfully with mental illness in this crazy, insane world.




( stop motion animation artist )
Film and video artist Lars C. Larsen has worked in the film and theater industries for over 20 years. He has earned credits on numerous Academy Award nominated stop motion feature films with Laika, Inc., including Coraline, The Boxtrolls, Kubo and the Two Strings and Missing Link. Lars is currently working on Guillermo del Toro’s animated stop motion feature Pinocchio for Netflix.

Lars will be leading a stop motion animation workshop with Jared Jacobs (@goldyeller) at Hackfort 2020.




( stop motion animation artist )
Jared Jacobs (@goldyeller) is a Lego stop motion animator and YouTuber.

Jared will be leading a stop motion animation workshop with Lars C. Larsen at Hackfort 2020.




( ceo – edge networks )
Todd Achilles is Founder, President and CEO of Edge Networks, Inc, a television broadcaster and internet service provider that is applying the Next Gen TV standard to deliver advanced digital services in small and mid-sized markets across the US.

A former Army tank officer, Todd has spent his civilian career in product, engineering and marketing roles within the tech and telecom sectors. He has held executive roles with billion-dollar responsibilities at T-Mobile, HTC and Hewlett-Packard. Todd holds two U.S. patents and is an American Marshall Memorial Fellow. He served four years as a mayoral appointee on Seattle’s Citizens’ Technology and Telecommunications Board and 16 years as a board member of City Year Seattle and City Year San Jose/Silicon Valley, a national service organization that unites young people for a year of public service in under-resourced schools.




( broadcast engineer – edge networks )
Nick Hottinger is a broadcast engineer for Edge Networks, Inc, and a former and soon-to-be graduate from Boise State with degrees in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. Nick leads Edge Networks’ efforts in NextGenTV broadcast by operating, optimizing, and designing our broadcast system and continued broadcast-related system developments.

Edge Networks is implementing the new over-the-air broadcast standard, called NextGenTV, in the Boise, ID area. This new standard is generations ahead of the current digital TV standard. Nick alongside CEO of Edge Networks, Todd Achilles, will discuss what advantages this new standard can provide, as well as what ENI plans to offer to its customers.




( streamer – twitch.tv )
Charlie Ultra is a retro streamer on Twitch known for taking down games such as Super Ghouls N Ghosts and Battletoads. In 2020 she plans to expand on the streaming platform and beyond.

Explore the world of live streaming and video games on Twitch.tv with Charlie at Hackfort 2020.




( customer experiece delivery lead – cisco systems )
Reid Tokarz has spent the last twelve years in management consulting and IT service delivery, primarily focusing on security for private sector and defense and intelligence customers. Reid has managed almost all of Cisco Systems’s offensive security work in North America for the last five years since the startup he was with – Neohapsis, based in Chicago – was acquired by Cisco. Reid is also a formal small business owner and has an MBA from the University of Maryland.

Reid will be talking about “The Business of Ethical Hacking”. This talk will explore some of the forces that drive the industry and – sometimes strangely – shape the role of a people manager in a very technical, secular niche.




( engineer – cisco systems )
George Tarnovsky has been working as a design engineer since the 80’s. His designs for industries such as: industrial process control instrumentation, visible light spectroscopy, semiconductor FAB instrumentation, smart card security & countermeasures, automotive systems vulnerability. George holds several patents, has given papers at many internal conferences, and currently continues to expand FPGA designs vulnerability and hardening.

George will be talking about reverse engineering using x-ray at Hackfort 2020.




( editor in chief – hardware asylum )
Dennis Garcia is a computer enthusiast and hardware reviewer with over a decade of experience. Over the years he has done just about everything with a computer from basic assembly to extensive case modifications to hardware modifications and extreme overclocking.

Hardware Asylum was started in late 2012 when Ninjalane.com was rebranded and moved over. Dennis started Ninjalane in 1999 as a review site that focused on high-end computer hardware which helped give rise to custom computer hobby we see today. Hardware Asylum also hosts a bi-weekly podcast focused on the PC enthusiast culture and covers things related to the website, computer hardware, PC gaming and sometimes completely unrelated topics just to keep things interesting.




( hardware reviewer / editor – hardware asylum )
Darren McCain has a passion for computers and gaming that goes back to the Atari 2600. A love of games and a strong curiosity for how they worked soon led to a Commodore 64 and classes in Basic. Darren has followed the hardware and gaming scene ever since. Darren has been a nationally ranked player in Quake Arena, Age of Empires, Battlefield 1942, and Battlefield Desert Combat among others and has been sponsored but companies like AMD and Crucial

Successfully building and modding custom PCs for LAN parties and case mod competitions across the northwest soon led to writing about them. Darren worked with Club Overclocker for years before joining Ninja Lane in 2010, now Hardware Asylum, to continue to indulge in his hardware dabbling.




( co-founder – reclaim idaho )
Luke Mayville has recently taught civics and political philosophy at Columbia University and authored a book on President John Adams. In 2017, he co-founded Reclaim Idaho, a grassroots campaign to secure full funding for Idaho’s public schools, protection of Idaho’s public lands, and affordable healthcare for all Idaho citizens.

Reclaim Idaho filed the petition to put Medicaid Expansion on the ballot in Idaho and then led the successful “Medicaid for Idaho” petition drive. The organization is currently collecting signatures for “Invest in Idaho”–a ballot initiative that would invest at least $170 million annually in K-12 education.




( data manager – reclaim idaho )
Cameron Crow grew up in Boise, Idaho, graduated from Boise State University, and began his career as an Intelligence Analyst at the National Security Agency. His next steps included working at tech companies in San Francisco and Boise and eventually founding Make Idaho Better, a market research platform serving local nonprofits. His current roles are Marketing Analyst at CREDO Mobile and Data Manager at Reclaim Idaho.

Cameron’s will focus on “organizing” a movement of loosely connected people that work towards a common goal at Hackfort 2020. Movements are changing the face of our world, county, and state. We’ll discuss how to get one started, how to make one sustainable, and how to build momentum and achieve change. Reclaim Idaho, the nonpartisan grassroots political organization, will serve as context for this conversation.




( bestselling author )
David Daley is the author of the national best-seller Ratf**ked: Why Your Vote Doesn’t Count and Unrigged: How Americans Are Battling Back to Save Democracy. His journalism has appeared in The New Yorker, The Atlantic, The Washington Post, The Guardian, and Slate, among other outlets. He is the former editor in chief of Salon, and a senior fellow at FairVote.

At Hackfort 2020, we’ll discuss with Reclaim Idaho about their victorious, grass-roots campaign to expand Medicaid in the state, and how that model might be expanded both within the state and as a national roadmap for reform.




( ceo – deeptruth )
Jason Crawforth, founder of DeepTruth, is a lifelong entrepreneur that has been establishing and growing technology companies for over 25 years. As Founder and CEO of several companies, Jason has an established track record of success and has been recognized in the past by Inc Magazine as running one of the fastest growing private companies in America. Jason and his teams have designed, built, deployed, and managed hundreds of information technology systems for Fortune 100 companies. Jason is one of the pioneers in the mobile app space and has had over 30 million downloads of his many mobile app solutions.

VideoLock is the world’s first patented cryptomedia recording system that fights back against deepfakes. Come to Hackfort 2020 and see a demo of the newest cutting edge technology being developed right here in Boise, Idaho.




( boise state university )
Boise State hosts competitive videogame teams (eSports) as an officially sanctioned varsity activity for undergraduate and graduate students. Teams are recruited and selected from current students who have part or full-time status at Boise State University and compete in intercollegiate play as part of the National Association of Collegiate Esports (NACE).

Join a Q&A panel with Boise State Esports athletes at Hackfort 2020.




( owner – boiselan )
Constantine Mavromichalis is a coffee drinker with a strong love of all things technology. Originally he worked as a programmer but currently is working as a DevOps (DevOops!) engineer in Boise.

Running BoiseLAN is something he is very proud of. He loves bringing everyone together and seeing the gaming community grow. His current obsession is Escape From Tarkov but he’s always looking for more local Dota players.




( owner – awaken solar )
Joshua “Sunshine” Hill grew up on a family farm, learning to work with nature and appreciate making the most out of limited resources. He went to college and played football at Brown University, graduating with a Biology degree. Eventually, Joshua chose to work in the solar industry in Idaho, where he earned the nickname “Sunshine”. After years of helping people learn about solar, the idea to create Awaken Energy LLC was born in 2018. The mission is to create a company focused on educating customers about the solar industry, and hopefully saving them money on energy while serving ONLY their best interests. Awaken will always strive to teach first, and treat all customers like family. By being an independent consumer advocate, trust can truly occur when explaining various products and services in the energy sector.




Researchers at Idaho National Laboratory (INL) are responding to global issues by exploring sustainable energy solutions and by protecting our nation’s critical infrastructure from natural disasters and human-caused incidents like cyberattacks.

Areas suffering from blackouts caused by natural disasters could benefit from microreactors being developed at INL. The lab is working with companies, local governments and others to develop these tiny nuclear reactors that offer a combination of reliability and operational flexibility. These portable reactors could one day replace diesel generators as a low-carbon energy source, providing reliable, sustainable power to communities, military bases or industrial processes like removing salt from seawater so people in affected areas can have safe drinking water. And because nuclear energy does not emit carbon, these microreactors also reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

For the full Hackfort lineup, click here.