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Hackfort 101

Hackfort BadgeThe Hackfort Crew is just itching to share with you the spoils of their labor, but we’re going to keep it a secret a little while longer, to make it all the more special when we blast you with some names that’ll make you jump out of your seat! In the meantime, here’s a little preview on a taste of things to come:

Hackfort Happy Hours

Earlier this year, we launched a new monthly series Hackfort Happy Hour where we feature a new speaker at a new location. Our premier event featured TechStars Mark Solon. We had over 40 attendees, sipped on local beers and had a blast! This month you’re invited to join us at White Dog for a talk with Sam Johnson on programming your LED’s to do some crazy sh*t.


If you’re not based here in Boise, don’t fret…we’ll be continuing the Hackfort Happy Hours Thursday – Sunday of Treefort 2018. This is an amazing opportunity to meet your favorite speaker, grab a drink, play a sweet board game, build an instrument and much more!

Hackfort 2017 FiveThirtyEightWhat, No Elon?

There is so much happening in the technology industry right now, it was super difficult to choose which avenues to go down when ascertaining focal points for Hackfort 2018 programming. And while it would be amazing to feature all things Elon Musk (we tried, for real), we will have a variety of tracks to richen your experience at Hackfort 2018. Check ‘em out!



What’s become one of the hottest topics of news coverage this year, blockchain and cryptocurrency are getting a lot of attention! Have you seen the increase in Bitcoin just this month alone? It’s insane! We’ve got a lot of exciting workshops and talks from key figures in the blockchain industry. Whether you’re just interested in learning more, or one of the lucky few who invested early and want to diversify, Hackfort 2018 will be a great place to come together on this topic.


From board games to video games, augmented reality to virtual reality, puzzles to hardware, we have your curiosities covered in the innovative sector. The Hackfort expo hall will be in full swing once again and open to the public. We also have a handful of awesome workshops and talks featuring key players who are driving the gaming and sound sectors in some exciting ways.


Blogs, podcasts, YouTube Channels and TwitchTV streamers are the connective tissue of the technology industry. If you’re interested in starting your own community, reviewing games or eager to know how big publications want to be pitched on your startup, we’ve got a handful of key folks to share their knowledge and tell their stories.

First Come, First Served!

Hackfort lineHackfort 2018 will open pass sales in the new year. Hackfort passholders will have first pick of all small group/exclusive content including workshops, small-group discussions and Hackfort Happy Hours.

When you purchase your Hackfort pass, you’ll be prompted to choose which activities in which you want to participate and will have the chance to sign up. Once these events are full (via sign-up), there will only be a standby line available, so be prepared to purchase your pass as soon as they go on sale! Keep up-to-date on all things Hackfort by following along via Facebook, Twitter & Instagram!

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