Get involved with Treefort and experience what it’s like behind the scenes!

We’re looking for friendly, enthusiastic people to join the Treefort Team on a voluntary basis, which means you’ll get to be a part of creating and helping build Treefort Music Fest! Volunteers work an average of 15 hours either before or during the festival (i.e. three 4-5 hour shifts.) You’ll get a 5-day GA pass plus an awesome t-shirt designed by James Lloyd, all for only $30*, to be paid when you register as a volunteer anytime after September 1st. Looking forward to an amazing year number six!

Register to be a Treefort volunteer! – NOW!

Facebook Group – join the community!

Volunteer Shifts – shifts will be made available for registered volunteers on March 1, 2017 and are first come, first served.*

*each volunteer is required to pay a deposit of $135 after signing up for volunteer shifts starting on March 1st.  You’ll be refunded your deposit after having completed all your shifts, the week after the festival! If your plans change, you can drop your shifts before March 15th to refund your deposit. The $30 charge is refundable only if you resign as a volunteer before March 1st.

Deposit Waivers

Please fill out this waiver application to apply for a waiver of your deposit requirement.  Most common reasons for granted deposit waivers are: volunteered for Treefort at least 2 other years, under the age of 21, asked specifically to be a volunteer by Treefort staff member, or financial situation.  You will be informed before the March 1st shift sign up date.    Apply here. 

Under 18?

Please have your parents fill out this form after you have registered to be a volunteer.