The Cadets is a Junior High volunteer experience managed by Kidfort Director Emily Williams, designed for people in 7th through 9th grade, or ages 12 to 15, to experience multiple facets of Treefort Music Fest. Cadets will experience many parts of Treefort for a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to make a music festival happen. A few select volunteer tasks and guided mentorship experiences include artist gift bag creation, photography during the festival, investigating large-scale stage production, and more. For anyone interested in event production and the music industry, this is a great way to see how it works in real life!



Apprenticeships with Treefort Music Fest are higher-level volunteer positions that provide you with music industry experience and networking opportunities to help you achieve your career goals. These involve 3-4 months of meetings and trainings, and working throughout the duration of the festival in your chosen field. We have opportunities available for venue management and event production.

Venue Manager Applications are closed. Check back for Treefort 2020.


Treefort’s commitment to growing a younger generation of live music lovers means we put extra effort into providing a space for exceptional people in high school or ages 15-20 who are hungry for the opportunity to learn. We provide mentorship, shadowing experience with professionals, and strong community support for those that are eager to be a part of the Treasure Valley’s music community.

U21 Applications are closed. Check back for Treefort 2020.