MARCH 20 - 24, 2019


Storyfort is a unique literary and storytelling festival within the larger arts and music festival, Treefort Music Fest. Storyfort is all about great writing and compelling narrative, bringing in top-notch authors, poets, journalists, spoken word artists, memoirists, refugee storytellers, podcasters and much more.


As part of Treefort Music Fest, Storyfort is able to offer its artists and attendees an experience unlike any other literary festival – one full of vigor, excitement, knowledge and wide-ranging cultural, political, and artistic insights. As a major component of Treefort Music Fest, Storyfort artists bring their powerful narratives beyond the literary festival, infusing voice, wisdom, and story to the overall scope of a festival that brings music, technology, yoga, culinary arts, craft beer and cider, performance art, and comedy to the Pacific Northwest.

Storyfort’s mission is to keep its events free and open to the public, and to continue to perpetuate great art and discourse in the Boise community and far beyond. Storyfort has grown from approximately 500 attendees in 2014 to 2,600 in 2018.


Christian Winn, Storyfort Director

Christian Winn is a fiction writer, poet, teacher of writing, and lover of great stories, interesting humans, the occasional card game, Miranda July, The Mountain Goats, Jennifer Egan, and this amazing thing called Treefort. He is the co-founder of Storyfort and is stoked to see Storyfort move into its sixth year as a bigger, badder, kickass celebration of story!

Re Zickau. Storyfort Assistant Director

RE Zickau is a queer librarian, reader, and story-collector. RE has a BA in Literature from Boise State University, and a MLIS from San Jose State University. RE believes in equitable access to information, intersectional feminism, and the power of good words. Outside of work, RE loves baking desserts, exploring Boise, discovering new authors and poets, and binging on podcasts. This is RE’s third year with Storyfort.

Grace Lovera, Storyfort Assistant

Grace Lovera has lived in Boise since 2006. Even with generous doses of travel and living outside of the country for a period of time, Boise has always felt like her home. Grace believes that storytelling is a wonderful way to share in the collective human experience and build connections with others. In her spare time she can be found writing, making short films, and/or collecting useless thrifted goods, oh and she is also currently a student at Boise State University working on a BFA in Narrative Arts. This will be Grace’s third year with Storyfort.

Joe Davidson, Storyfort Assistant

Joe Davidson started out as the ultimate Storyfort fanboy and somehow managed to sneak his way on to the team. He is currently in the process of obtaining a BFA in Fiction at Boise State University, and when he’s not getting thoroughly involved with stories he’s probably out playing with his dog.

Amy Burton, Storyfort Intern

Originally from Anchorage, Alaska, Amy has bounced around Boise and the Pacific Northwest since 1987. She has a BFA in theatre from the University of Idaho and is currently pursuing an associates in creative writing from the College of Western Idaho. She loves to read, journal, bake cookies, sew, do yoga, and enjoys spending time with her partner Noble and their dog, Chimichanga.

Forest Gerlach, BSU Intern

Forest Gerlach has been in love with storytelling in its many forms ever since he created a four-page comic for fun in kindergarten.  He is only a few months away from a BA in Rhetoric & Composition, but he wants to explore every possible opportunity to learn.  Outside of writing and school, he enjoys finding new recipes to cook, trails to hike, and music to listen to.  He’s okay at Super Smash Bros too.

2019 Storyfort Lineup!

Tommy Orange

Camille Acker

NPR’s Kirk Siegler – Life in Paradise After the Fire

Jamie Ford

Sarah Manguso

Reema Zaman

Tara Conklin

Bridget Quinn

Ashley Toliver

Jonathan Evison

Janalyn Guo

Erin Rose Belair

Border Stories – Modern Immigration

Dora Ramirez

Ester Ceja

Maria Andrade

Rixa Rivera

Daniel Ortiz-Lopez

Ben Stein

Dark Tank

Michelle Crosby

The Dork Forest

Peace Corps Stories

Sally Mwangi

Refugee Artisans – Quilting a Narrative

Gina Gregerson

Jake Black

Jimmy Bowman

A Guide to Crying in Public

Zack M. Evans

Michael Green

Veronique Giwe Tongbi

Kasey Allen

Ann Lemay, WB Games Montréal

Andrew Wiscomb

Joel Wayne

Kimberly Azzarito

Nicholas Darlington

“It’s Tough Being a Werewolf” By Amethyst Tagney

Kate Concannon

Amy Granger

Penelope Windsor

Wendy Peppercorn

Alyssa Wainaina

Sarah Gardner

Laura Veirs

Bethany Martinez

Alex Jangard

This is Wack – Why Isn’t Idaho Hip Hop Taken Seriously

Dalton Tiegs

Lacey Daley

Sena Clara Creston

Amanda Peacher

Huma Aatifi

Gaelynn Lea

Derek Oster

Timothy Randall

Big Stories of the Modern West – Journalists Break it Down

C.J. Boyd

Corey Mitchell

Wafaa Alwan

Shadi Ismail

Patty Costello, Author

Lyd Havens

We Choose All of Us – Stories Toward Liberation

Dani Elizabeth

Riley Johnson

Cocktail Stories

Andy O

Storay Faizi

Malia Collins

Maria Shefa

Neel V. Patel

Jennifer Kite-Powell

Emily Ruth Herbster

Ameerah Bader

Nate Hegyi

Chris Longo – Den of Geek

Drag Queen Story Hour

Tracy Sunderland

Matt Stone

The Lucky One – A Refugee’s Story

DJ Winkle

Rebecca Evans


Matthew Melton

Layla Bagwell

The Human Library – Challenging Stereotypes and Prejudices

Katie Miller

Jacqui Reiko Teruya

Heather Sweeney

Ben Chappell

Gwen Ayres

Tessy Ward

NOT ONE MORE – Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense in America

Linqua Franqa

Mary Pauline Lowry

Erin Nelson

Ceri Young, WB Games Montréal

Genuine Wrestleboys

Esai Saldana

Nisha Jae Newton

Choose Your Own Adventure: Micro D&D

Brandon Mizrahi

Leta Harris Neustaedter

Frankie Barnhill

The Poetry Confessional

Caitie Fredrickson

Writing & Illustration Workshop with Brandy Brune and Tara Kennedy

Laura Veirs – Songwriting Workshop

Poetry and Mimosas

Tooth & Bristle: A Reading Series

Evan Leacox

Activating Queer Spaces: A Dialogue

Idaho Reports: Live

Telling it Strange

Rebecca Sweetland

That Baseball Show

Stephen Covell

Larry Rosen

Daniel Giron

Catherine Kyle

Charlotte Iradukunda

Gaelynn Lea in Conversation

Cassandra Perez

Building Boise Podcast

Lisa Hunter

That Was EPIC – Stories of Failure, Folly, Fandom and Fame

Daphne Stanford

Melissa Davlin

Sara Behunin

Nick Quah

Nell Josephine

Briana Kimball

Why Podcasting Sucks and Why We Still Love It

Jessica Hernandez

CL Young

Erin Rose Belair & Migration Theory: Love, Loss, and Letting Go (or not)

Lindsey Appell

Hannah Ball

Minerva Jayne

CWI Presents: Writing the Novel with Jamie Ford and Jonathan Evison at Storyfort

Benjamin Schmitt