September 25 - 27, 2020


Treefort is for everyone! Kids are valued members of the Treefort Music Fest community, so much so that Kidfort has been a part of the festival since the beginning of the forts! Kidfort is a “freefort” and kids of all ages can enjoy almost everything we offer at no cost! (Fun Fact- Kids 12 and younger can enjoy the entire festival wristband free!)


Emily Williams, Kidfort Director

Treefort Music Fest offers Emily an open canvas to combine her love
for community, youth leadership, and creative activities in one place.
Since 2017 she’s  been directing Kidfort, leading the Treefort Cadets,
and managing crossfort activities with Comedyfort, Filmfort, Yogafort,
and Storyfort. During the off season, you can find her teaching Junior
High Spanish and Project Based Learning at Foothills School of Arts
and Sciences.

Aaron Williams, Kidfort Crew

Aaron has been involved with Treefort since year one, and is an avid
Treeforter on many levels. On the Kidfort crew, you’ll see him working
with the Youth Variety Showcase and managing as the Kidfort liaison
with Hackfort and Skatefort, which is fitting because we don’t know
any other guy in his 40s who can dominate a wake surfboard, skateboard or
snowboard better than this guy.

Amy Johnson, Kidfort Crew

Amy Johnson brings an easy going smile to the Kidfort team, while
having years of experience in event planning. She joined the Kidfort
crew in 2018 and continues to lead an array of events at Kidfort’s
Nest Stage on Saturday and Sunday during Treefort. Amy has a gift for
keeping things flowing smoothly and making decisions on the fly to
keep things fun at Kidfort!

Rachel Sutherland, Kidfort Crew

This lady will make it happen, no matter what the challenge! Rachel
joined the Kidfort team in 2019 and comes with ideas, connections and
energy! Jumping in to lead Kidfort’s wildly popular “Fortcraft”, she
is designing engaging events and facilitating everything needed for
Treefort’s smallest creators, all while acting as Kidfort’s liason
with Foodfort.

Isa Rios, Kidfort Tech & Sound

Nobody would hear anything at Kidfort without Isa. Since 2017 Isa has
kept the sound on, lights set, and music pumping! His calming energy
brings fun and ease to everyone at Kidfort, meanwhile this guy is
problem solving like a wizard behind the scenes. Isa is a
multi-instrumental musician, music producer, audio engineer, DJ, and
all around music junky! When he’s not doing sound, teaching music
lessons, or holed up at home writing songs, you’ll find him splicing
fiber optics at his day job or enjoying a rare day off at a local
coffee shop. Above all else, he strives to push his boundaries and
grow as both a musician and a person.

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