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MARCH 27 - 28, 2020


Hackfort is about celebrating all things tech. It’s not your typical conference. We encourage conversation and engagement, and we love providing a platform for people that are doing interesting or unique things with technology. We love makers, developers, musicians, gamers, content creators, innovators, leaders, journalists, educators, and entertainers. Come celebrate with us!


Sean Wakeley, Director of Hackfort


I love technology and what it can do for our world. Hackfort is the culmination of bringing my passion for people, community, creativity, and innovation all together to celebrate what’s next!
Come say hi to me and let’s discover new ideas and possibilities together!
Also, don’t forget to Rock Out!

Mike Taylor, Assistant Director


I’m a technology and gaming addict who was terrible at math in school, so I found a different way to get involved – through words. Now I’m a professional communicator, charged with spreading my love of all things tech to the masses. I also play and record a little music sometimes.

Ask me about current trends in technical communication, marketing, user experience and web accessibility and I’ll talk your ear off.


Nine Inch Nails and Guns N’ Roses guitarist, Robin Finck
Nate Silver and the Fivethirtyeight podcast
Stardew Valley creator, Eric Barone
Brand Artivist Chad Rea
Solar Roadways
Consiousness Hacking Mikey Siegel (Stanford)
Teacher gone nerdcore rapper Megaran
Solar Roadways
Experience Strategist Kathleen Cohen
Brian McLean of Laika
Dex Torricke-Barton (SpaceX, Google, Facebook)
Deputy Editor of Den of Geek, Chris Longo
Ubisoft Montreal veterans Ann Lemay and Ceri Young
Jennifer Kite-Powell (Forbes)
Neel Patel (Wired)
And many more…

Hackfort 2017 lineup

Hackfort 2018 lineup

Hackfort 2019 lineup


Hackfort Happy Hour is a series of tech community events leading up to Hackfort 2020. The goal is to get everyone in the tech community to build more social and professional relationships in Boise. These recurring events will feature a short 10-15 minute talk by a guest speaker to stimulate thought and conversation. Keep an eye on our Facebook for upcoming events.

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