MARCH 22 - 24, 2019


Foodfort is a three-day celebration of the food and food systems local to the greater Boise region. As the culinary branch of the Treefort mothership, we work to bring Boise, regional and national chefs, media and experts to help facilitate thinking and discussion about food in our daily lives. Oh yeah, and we also work hard to provide delicious food, be it familiar or new, for Foodfort goers to experience.


The year was 2016. Treefort was catching steam as the poster child for a super cool festival for everyone. Charles Bradley, Built to Spill, Youth Lagoon, Thundercat, Alex G and about 445 other bands rocked venues around Boise. And it was Foodfort’s inaugural year. Producer John Michael Schert and Director Tara Morgan put together a two-part food festival of Tastes and Talks. Tastes were featured alongside breweries in the Alefort tent and showcased local chefs and restaurants serving local food. Talks were panel discussions about farming, defining local food, wine and beer.
Since that time, Foodfort has worked to continue its focus on local food while adding regional and national chefs and media to the list of events.
In 2017, James Beard award winning chef Hugh Acheson prepared a meal using local ingredients for a group of 100 which included local farmers, suppliers and chefs all in one room. A memorable moment is when all the chefs in attendance helped Hugh plate the dinner.


Dave Yasuda – Director
Alyssa Pearson – Foodfort Assistant
Jane Naillon – Chef Relations


Past chefs have included:
Kris Komori (State & Lemp), Richard Langston (Richard’s), Chris Zahn (Z’s Rooftop Café), Michael and Anne Marie Trebbi (Wild Root Café), Hugh Acheson (5 &10, The National), Nate Whitley (The Modern), Carlo Lamagna (Magna), Aaron Wermeskerchen (Juniper), Tony Knipe (Edge Brewing), Michael Mohica (Kanak Attack), Christian Phernetton (Camel’s Crossing), Larry and Carrell Morton (Remington’s), Brad Taylor (BBQ4LIFE

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